Airbnb Makes Changes To Its Pricing Structure After Complaints About Hidden Fees



The final cost on Airbnb will include taxes and cleaning fees.

After receiving customer complaints, Airbnb has decided to make pricing clearer for rental properties listed on the site. Beginning next month, Airbnb will start displaying property search results based on the total cost for properties instead of just the nightly price. This change will include all cleaning fees in the final price display.

On Monday, CEO Brain Chesky took to Twitter to say that he’s been hearing from customers who feel like prices aren’t transparent. Chesky noted, “we initially established ourselves as a more affordable option to hotels, and that is more important now than ever.” He said that their main goal is to help their hosts make an excellent experience for you. The Airbnb company also stated that it would soon resolve the chores issue.

Many Airbnb users reported being charged unexpected fees by their host when they failed to complete a list of assigned tasks at the end of their stay. The company stated that it would give more directives to Airbnb hosts on what types of requests are appropriate or not.

The company refers to these as “checkout tasks,” Chesky said he knows that guests see them as an inconvenience. He said that the guests shouldn’t have to do any tasks which are unreasonable, like making the beds, vacuuming, or doing laundry. However, it only makes sense to turn off the lights, lock the door, and toss out any food before leaving – as you would at home.

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