Apple Could Outperform Google’s Pixel Tablet in the Smart Home Market



As the upcoming iPad rumor mill ramps up, there is talk that Apple may launch a speaker dock of its own to compete with Android’s much-awaited tablet directly.

The best drama begins on iOS and Android devices. And no doubt our ears perked up at the hottest Power On Bloomberg newsletter over the weekend. According to a report by author Mark Gurman, Apple will directly compete with Google with an iPad that docks like the newly hinted-at Pixel Tablet.

As per Gurman reports, Apple is at work to bring “similar functionality” of the Pixel Tablet to the iPad immediately next year. “The intent is to provide consumers with something they can put on their nightstand, in their living room, or on a kitchen counter.” writes Gurman, which appears to be a direct competition with the concept Google proposed merely two weeks ago. Apple might be developing a different add-on to be launched and sold to be used with current iPad models. It would be easy to convert existing Apple users into using a smart home ecosystem.

It is not too difficult to visualize what the company could convey through this plan. Apple occasionally has an early spring event where the iPad lineup may be updated— back in March, when it also unveiled the iPhone SE, it reintroduced the iPad Air. It’s the ideal time for Apple to make its mark in the smart home with a product consumers already own, given the hype surrounding the new Matter connection standard and the wave of gadgets arriving with support this winter. It’s also an opportunity to enter the competition even though the business is developing a HomePod replacement that is more powerful.

When Google intends to release the Pixel Tablet is still unknown. We were already perplexed to see that company changed part of the marketing on the Android tablet. Instead of the typical get-work-done mentality that Android tablet makers like Samsung and Lenovo have adopted—the premise behind the iPad Pro—it is marketed more as a detachable smart home controller. Google’s intention to introduce the Pixel Tablet in 2023 is well known. The precise day is yet uncertain.

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