Apple’s Bigger Homepod is back with Increased Sound Quality and even more Smart Home Features to Help you Make the Most of your Living Space



For those needing a more substantial smart speaker, the company now offers one at an attractive price point of $299.

Apple has released an updated version of its HomePod speaker, a device that first debuted in 2018 and was previously focused on the cheaper mini version. This new edition boasts several notable updates, including advanced audio capabilities and improved smart home abilities. It also comes at a more affordable price than the original model.

The HomePod’s audio system has been custom-engineered for rich, deep bass, stunning high frequencies, and optimized sound quality regardless of where it’s placed in the room. Its design features a custom-designed woofer with a diaphragm motor, bass EQ mic, and five tweeters to deliver a powerful audio experience. It offers room-sensing technology to adjust the sound depending on where it is situated near walls or free space. A computational S7 chip helps maximize the potential of this unit. Plus, users can enjoy Spatial Audio via Apple Music by connecting two HomePods together.

The new HomePod also offers several handy smart home tools to give users better control over their home environment. For example, it has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which can help automate tasks such as closing blinds or turning on fans when the environment shifts outside your ideal settings. Additionally, it has sound recognition technology, which will send alerts to your iPhone if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide alarms; this feature is set to be released later this spring and should not be relied upon for emergencies.

For those looking to take advantage of Matter compatibility in their homes, this latest edition of the HomePod supports controlling devices compatible with this smart home standard with Siri requests that are end-to-end encrypted by default, so even Apple wouldn’t be able to read them. Furthermore, once an action is made from one of these requests, Siri will play an audible tone confirming that your command was successful, even if the connected device does not show any visible changes.

Apple has also taken special care in making sure their latest HomePod addition is as environmentally friendly as possible, from 100% recycled gold for circuit boards to 100% recycled rare earth metals for its magnet and 100% recycled mesh fabric for its Midnight color option – they’ve managed to reduce plastic use while still offering a great product experience.

The new HomePod is now available for preorder from Apple at $299, which is $50 less than what the original model sold for upon its initial launch in 2018; delivery starts February 3rd, 2023, so make sure you place your orders soon!

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