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Ardenne High School to be Home to Health and Wellness Centre



The Ardenne Alumni Foundation announced earlier today the beginning of a new initiative in the form of a Health and Wellness Centre at their high school. The two-story building is projected to cost $60 million, with $15 million already secured and is slated for completion within a year. The facilities inside will include nurse’s station, sickbays, washrooms, lounge area, counselling rooms and offices. This move also includes providing facilities for psychologists and social workers along with mentoring opportunities in a conducive environment.

Minister of Education Fayval Williams lauded this move by the school administration, commending them for committing to this project that aims supports physical health as well as mental wellbeing of students & staff alike. Chairman Flo Darby further noted that said $15 million has been secured so far for this project which she saw as an “amazing opportunity” for those within the institution. Principal Nadine Molloy thanked all players involved in making this happen stating that it would benefit both students & staff alike at the institution as they not only strive towards academic excellence but also overall health holistically.

She encouraged everyone to take part of the available resources provided here such as counselling sessions or other wellness activities and stated that work was underway on extending these services further down the line in order to make sure every student & faculty member gets access to top quality resources related health & wellness matters when required at any time. The Ardenne High School Health and Wellness Centre is surely an exciting development that will help students & staff alike foster physical, mental & emotional wellbeing among all members of the institution.

We are also pleased to announce that, along with the Health and Wellness Centre, Ardenne High School will be introducing a range of health promoting activities and initiatives to support the overall wellness of its student body. These include sports teams, nutritional education programs, counselling sessions and workshops on topics such as stress management, mental health and self-esteem. The school also has plans for an onsite gym to be made available in the near future. We firmly believe that these efforts will bring about positive impacts to Ardenne High School and its community, helping to foster a healthier and more balanced lifestyle among its students. We can’t wait to see how these initiatives unfold and watch the positive effects they will have on the lives of our students!





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