Bang Si Hyuk Presents Business Outline for K-Pop’s Future without BTS Team Promotions



K-Pop Industry at a Turning Point as Chairman Bang Si Hyuk Calls for Global Entertainment Powerhouse

K-Pop is at a turning point. During an industry forum hosted by the Kwanhun Club, Chairman Bang Si Hyuk of HYBE Corporation laid out an ambitious and inspiring business outline for the future of the genre. His call to action has already left many wondering what this means for the industry and where it will go next.

Chairman Bang acknowledged that even though K-Pop currently holds only a 2% market share compared to the top three music companies in the world, its immense global reach has made it one of South Korea’s largest cultural exports. He noted that in many regions across the globe, there is an increasing lull in K-Pop’s growth and warned industry leaders of the “dangers” ahead if they do not start preparing for what’s to come.

In order to break through current barriers and sustain further growth, he suggested forming a global entertainment powerhouse which would bring together all aspects of K-Pop under one roof: records, performance, internet streaming services and fan platforms among others.

Bang also highlighted BTS’ absence from the scene since their recent hiatus and called upon fan platforms to provide strong contact points between K-pop artists wanting to enter into new markets and global audiences who are looking for more music from South Korea. He expressed his faith in K-Pop’s capacity to make it big on an international scale and his hope for others to support its challenges against major players in the industry.

At this juncture, it remains unclear what shape this new venture will take or how it will unfold but one thing is certain: this call from Chairman Bang could be a breakthrough moment for the South Korean pop music industry as we know it today. It could certainly open up exciting new opportunities. Only time will tell what lies ahead but fans can be sure that this brave step forward will pave the way towards new heights of success.

Chairman Bang Si Hyuk’s vision for K-Pop’s future is one of optimism and courage, a sign that the industry can continue to thrive in an ever-changing world. With this, he has provided us with confidence and hope for K-Pop’s continued success as a global force in music. We are ready and waiting to see what the future holds.

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