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By Leveraging the Power of Health and Wellness, Michelle Jones has Become a Beacon of Hope for Numerous families in her Local Community



Deborah Jones was always passionate about sports and fitness, but it took years to attain a fitness-training certification. After four long months of traveling to Spanish Town every Saturday morning, Deborah finally earned her certification in Sports Education. She returned to the industry with more confidence than ever before.

It wasn’t long before she started getting requests for help from women who wanted to take their health into their own hands. Deborah’s dedication began to inspire these women, and they saw her as a role model and accountability partner on their path toward reaching their goals. With an increasing clientele, Deborah knew she had to expand with more equipment to offer better services; thus, in December 2022, her dream of creating a successful business became a reality.

At present, Deborah focuses primarily on female clients and generational-health practices. She creates a safe space where everyone is accepted regardless of their background or status quo. For many ladies who come to her gym for support, burdens are lifted without having to share any personal details. In her opinion, in this way, confidence can be gained, insecurities can be worked on, and feelings of overall well-being can be developed.

In addition to providing weight loss programs, strength training classes, endurance training sessions, crossfit courses, functional training regimens, and boot camp services, Deborah also emphasizes teaching people within households how important it is to adopt healthy lifestyles. Research shows that even small increases in cholesterol can greatly increase one’s risk of having a heart attack. Therefore, meal planning and prepping have become a team effort at Deborah’s gym as sisters, mothers, and daughters couples work out together while learning the importance of being physically active. Working out together helps one stay committed and builds balance and accountability among family members while promoting fun activities that bring everyone closer together.

Looking ahead into the future, Deborah seeks satisfaction for women and male clients by incorporating more services, such as physiotherapy for those suffering from physical challenges and pre-and postnatal wellness services for mothers, as well as expanding her merchandise line for those who want something extra special from her brand. Furthermore, she is determined to build a stronger clientele base with a reliable, supportive team behind her. To sum up, Deborah’s main goal is to help people become better versions of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

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