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Cambridge is Committed to go Above and Beyond to Assist in Vaccinating Residents



As many locals are probably aware, the Cambridge Public Health Department is presently holding free flu and COVID-19 vaccine consultations for any interested Cambridge residents. This fall, over 1,800 residents have already benefited from the clinics, but one recent immunization illustrates precisely how far the City will go to guarantee the health of its citizens.

On October 14, Cambridge Public Health nurses and Cambridge Fire Department employees conducted a program at the Cambridge Senior Center where over 300 combination vaccinations were given. One of the 199 people scheduled to receive vaccines that day was “MJ,” a 96-year-old Cambridge citizen with dementia. Regrettably, she was experiencing a difficult day, mostly because she was away from her comfortable surroundings.

At the Community Centre, many efforts were made to give her the COVID-19 and flu vaccines, but MJ wasn’t quite cooperative. Firefighter Nick Menard advised the person caring for MJ that the immunizations be given at home, where MJ may, ideally, be more at ease to lessen her fear and anxiety. As soon as the caretaker consented, Firefighter Menard accompanied them from Senior Center to MJ’s Cambridge house. MJ was much more cooperative and at ease, once she was back in her normal environment with Firefighter Menard by her side. Everything went smoothly, and now MJ is completely immunized and offered protection for the season because of Firefighter Menard’s persistence and dedication.

Please schedule an appointment right away (link – ) if you want to be completely safeguarded like Michael Jackson this season. There are seasonal flu vaccines as well as COVID-19 vaccines, along with the bivalent booster.

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