Drake’s Grand Gesture: Gifting a Pink Hermès Birkin Bag at L.A. Concert



At his recent concert in Los Angeles, Aubrey Drake Graham, more commonly known as Drake, gifted a lucky fan an extravagant Hermès Birkin bag. This was not just any ordinary token of appreciation. The bag’s value can range anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, a symbol of luxury and opulence.

A Star’s Generosity

Renowned for his chart-topping hits and remarkable stage presence, Drake, the world’s No. 1 rapper and the man behind hits like “Nice for What” and “God’s Plan,” chose a fan from the front row to be the lucky recipient. As he handed over the bag, the 36-year-old rapper emphasized that he “ain’t cheap” and ensured the fan had security on her way out. This act of kindness was captured and shared on TikTok by @designer.ave, gaining immense attention.

Not the First Token

Drake’s history of eccentric gifts and interaction with fans at concerts is well documented. Previously, the rapper threw out a towel during a performance in L.A., which sparked a considerable frenzy amongst the fans. However, this recent gesture overshadows the prior gifts, placing the Birkin bag at the pinnacle of his giving list.

A Peek into Drake’s Love for Birkin

The Hermès Birkin bag, named after the late singer and actress Jane Birkin, has been a part of Drake’s collection for quite some time. The rapper revealed in a 2017 Hollywood Reporter interview that he has been amassing these luxury items over the years, intending to gift them to “the woman [he ends] up with.” Showcasing a part of his collection in an Architectural Digest spread, it’s evident that Drake is a lover of fine things. His two-story closet, adorned with amethyst hardware and rock crystal, serves as the perfect house for his collection.

Unforgettable Fan Interactions

Interactions at Drake’s concerts are nothing short of legendary. A recent incident saw a fan, Veronica Correia, throwing her 36G bra on stage during a performance at Madison Square Gardens. This audacious act not only caught Drake’s attention but also led to an unexpected career opportunity for Correia. After the incident went viral, Playboy magazine reached out to her, offering a chance to model for the brand.

Key Highlights:

  • Drake gifts a pink Hermès Birkin bag valued between $10,000 and $30,000 to a fan at his L.A. concert.
  • The gesture was captured by TikTok user @designer.ave.
  • Drake’s passion for Birkin bags was revealed in a 2017 Hollywood Reporter interview.
  • The rapper’s concerts are known for memorable fan interactions, from receiving bras on stage to the unexpected Playboy modeling offer for a fan.


From his generosity to unexpected fan interactions, attending a Drake concert promises more than just a musical experience. Whether it’s the allure of a luxurious Birkin bag or an unforeseen career opportunity, one thing is for sure: with Drake, expect the unexpected. While many artists aim to connect with their fans through music, Drake takes it to another level by personally and materially engaging with them. His actions, often magnified by social media, reveal a side of the rapper that goes beyond the lyrics and the beats — a side that thrives on spontaneity and genuine human connection.

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