Experience Apple Music, TV and Device Applications on Windows 11 Now!



Get an early look at the Apple Music, TV, and Devices apps by downloading them from Microsoft Store in Windows 11 – available now!

Apple has released preview versions of the Apple Music, TV, and Devices apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. It’s been three months since this was announced, and now users are able to try out the new services from their PCs.

Although these apps can be found in the Microsoft Store, Apple warns that they are still in a preview state and that not all features may be working as expected. They also suggest that people who install these previews can no longer access iTunes; audiobooks and podcasts may become inaccessible until a compatible version is available. But those who have tested these apps say they are working fine now.

The most interesting app is likely the Apple Devices Preview, which allows users to manage iPads and iPhones from their Windows 11 computers without needing iTunes. The app is more modern-looking with tabbed menus and icons, while both Music and TV feature Windows 11 effects like acrylic menus, rounded corners, and sidebars.

With the new Photos integration via the Apple Photos app, Windows users have ample options available to enjoy their favorite Apple products on Microsoft’s operating system. And while there isn’t an iMessage app natively available yet, Intel Unison can help bridge this gap by enabling people to send and receive messages from their iPhones on Windows 11.

Microsoft Store now offers five different apps from Apple – iTunes, iCloud, Music Preview, TV Preview, and Devices Preview – each designed to make life easier for those who want to venture onto another platform without sacrificing access to familiar services. This marks an important moment for both companies since user experience has been a major factor in how technology is being used today, ease of use being key for any product or service success. With these tools now readily available for people to try out, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see what further developments come about as a result of this collaboration between two giants of tech innovation.

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