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Experts Recommend Keeping These 10 Wellness Trends from 2022 Into 2023



2022 was an unprecedented year for many things, including mental health and fitness trends. With the rise of ‘people pleasing’ and the emergence of the ‘villain era’ in terms of mental health, there has been a call to action for people to embrace their flaws and imperfections. This is especially important when it comes to self-care and healing one’s inner child. In addition, another trend that has made its mark is ‘rest as resistance’ — a form of protest against oppressive systems through proper rest. Moreover, openness around diagnoses and dropping the strong Black woman stereotype has started gaining traction this year.

When it comes to fitness trends from 2022 that experts recommend continuing into 2023; hot girl walks have become a huge hit on social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram due to their convenience (and incredible aesthetic!). Low impact exercises such as yoga and swimming are also at an all-time high, due to their calming effects on both physical and mental health — making them highly popular today.

Shy girl workouts are preferred by many individuals who don’t want to step out of their home for strength training sessions — emphasizing strength training away from gym equipment such as dumbbells or machines in order to maximize privacy options. Menstrual cycle based workouts have been gaining traction with experts understanding that workouts need to be adjusted according to one’s cycle in order for it to yield maximum results without having your body overworking itself. Last but not least, incline walking challenges on treadmills have become increasingly popular due to its time efficiency when it comes to doing cardio session!

All in all, these trends set forth in 2022 should definitely be carried forward into 2023 in order for further growth within these communities take place. With such a variety of options available – low intensity exercises like yoga or swimming, shy girl workouts, menstrual cycle workouts and incline walking challenges – everyone will find something that suits their needs best! So take out some time from your busy schedule today and make sure you indulge yourself into some self-care whether it be mentally or physically!

2023 is all about mixing up trends from the past year and exploring new ones. From bringing traditional healing practices such as Reiki and massage into self-care to creating more holistic wellness programs, people are pushing boundaries when it comes to taking care of their mental and physical health.

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