Fox Alternative Entertainment’s International Formats Fund has Produced two Unscripted Shows for TF1 and ProSieben



Fox Alternative Entertainment (FAE) has announced the launch of two new unscripted shows for TF1 in France and ProSieben in Germany, which were created through its International Formats Fund. The two shows, Beat My Mini-Mes and Marriage Market, were both developed and financed by FAE and will be owned and distributed by them as formats.

Beat My Mini-Mes, a working title for the new French show, is a big studio competition where celebrity singers face off while surrounded by talented children wearing the same outfit as them, known as their “mini-mes.” After multiple rounds of performances, one child is crowned the champion. The show was jointly developed with French commercial network TF1, and is co-produced by TF1 Production and FAE. The show is set to premiere later this year and is expected to be a hit with audiences.

Marriage Market, on the other hand, is a dating reality series-cum-social experiment in which parents select their child’s husband or wife in a “market” where other parents have decorated booths based on their own kid’s personality. The parents and newly introduced couple then live together in a house. The show was jointly developed by FAE and ProSieben, and will be produced by Cheerio Entertainment, which is part of the new look Seven.One Studios. It is set to launch later this year on the German network and its streaming service Joyn.

These new shows were created through FAE’s $100M International Format Fund, which was launched in September 2021. The aim of the fund is to identify, develop, and introduce new programs that expand FAE’s slate of owned content. The Fund’s first creations were The Big Deal in partnership with BiggerStage for Virgin Media Television and Celebrity Masterpiece for Workpoint in Thailand.

Allison Wallach, President of Unscripted Programming at Fox Entertainment, said, “We specifically designed this Format Fund to partner with international buyers to identify, develop, and introduce new programs that expand FAE’s slate of owned content and, in success, serve as a platform for future success on FOX in the U.S. In Beat My Mini-Mes and TF1, and Marriage Market and ProSieben, we have the perfect combination of what we’re striving for with this initiative — unique formats with unlimited potential on a global scale and great partners with an impressive track record of innovation.”

The launch of these two new unscripted shows comes at a time when Fox Entertainment is looking to expand its reach and audience. With the help of its International Formats Fund, the company is able to tap into new markets and create programming that is tailored to local audiences. This allows them to not only increase their revenue streams but also to create a diverse range of content that can appeal to audiences worldwide.

In conclusion, the launch of Beat My Mini-Mes and Marriage Market is an exciting development for Fox Alternative Entertainment and its International Formats Fund. These new shows are sure to be a hit with audiences in France and Germany, and are expected to be successful on a global scale. As Fox Entertainment continues to expand its reach and audience, we can expect to see more exciting programming created through its International Formats Fund.

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