Get Your Hands On The Most Awaited And Coolest Smartwatch: Google Pixel Smartwatch



After all the fantastic products and apps by Google, we were waiting for it to enter the smartwatch market. Finally, the wait is now getting over with the Pixel Watch coming into existence. We have been in love with its design since we saw the Pixel’s Watch preview in Brooklyn at the event Made by Google.

Currently, Google has launched this watch in only one size, 41mm. But it does come with multiple bands to go with. The size of the Pixel Watch is almost similar to the small Apple Watch, making it look elegant. Even if one with a larger wrist wears the watch, it won’t look bad. The overall look and design of the watch make it eye-catching. After detaching the strap from the case, I felt like I have a shiny pebble in my hand, which felt so smooth. Even the curves and edges of the Pixel Watch are designed smoothly. After flipping it in my hands while checking it with no intention of breaking the screen, I discovered that it comes with a 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Well, that adds a surety of survival in case of a fall.

There are no lugs in the case. One will have to learn a little trick to attach straps to the case like they do when attaching a DSLR body to the lens. On the sides, you will see the grooves into which you need to twist the attachment to attach the strap. Look for a spot for lining them up, and then inside that slot, slightly enter the band’s head. Then, horizontally slide it in. After doing it once, you won’t take much time to do it again.

We know that Pixel Watch doesn’t offer lugs. But then that provides us with a lot of variation when it comes to design. It fits comfortably on the wrist, considering its design. The stainless steel case comes in three colors: champagne gold, matte black, and polished silver. Out of these three, the first one is my favorite. That’s not all, as it also comes with multiple straps, like the ones made using leather, which gives a sports band touch due to the typical rubber touch, and the metal mesh one. If you wish to give this watch a classic touch, you can try your hands on a few that come with lugs.

Google also has a woven or stretch band which feels like a rubber band with a pebble glued on the top of it. It is one of the low-profile bands and is relatively light in weight too. I prefer this band and case combination, as I can wear it to bed too.

I started wearing it to bed because of the sleep-tracking feature made available by Google. It runs on the Wear OS 3.5 in Pixel Watch. Google co-engineered this software last year along with Samsung and has offered it by doing some variations in it. It has also made fitness tracking tools available, along with Fitbit’s health integration with some small changes. It also has an onboard blood oxygen sensor, heart rate monitor, and auto workout detector. All thanks to the multipurpose electrical sensor.

We know all these features sound amazing but Wear OS 3.5 by Google has more to offer. You will get many new watch faces to use, and it also allows customizations by offering 18 families for multiple views. All these features are available, from weather check to step progress, Google Pay, LTE, and GPS. It does support third-party apps as well. It comes with a low-power co-processor which helps save the battery and multiple tasks. The battery of the Google Pixel Watch lasts 24 hours, and it is 294 mAh. It also provides the feature of reading a higher pulse rate and is Always On Display. With the help of a C-magnetic USB cable by Google, it helps in charging 50 percent of the battery within 30 minutes.

If you are looking for room for more action on this watch, then you must know that it comes with Exynos 9110 processor. It also offers 32 GB onboard storage for saving offline music and using apps.

After checking out the Wear OS of the Pixel Watch for some time, I can say that it somehow matches Apple’s Watch OS. It is good news for Android users as they didn’t have any other smartwatch as good as the Apple Watch. It is great if you have a Pixel phone, as Google Watch works excellently with them. But do not worry, as it is also compatible with Android 8 and the other latest versions.

I have used many smartwatches, but the smartwatch that attracts me the most is Pixel Watch. I know that considering the design, even Fossil smartwatches are a good option. However, I am looking forward to Google unveiling the features and functions it is providing with the two – Fitbit App and New Wear OS. To discover whether it can compete with the Apple Watch or not, we will have to try it for a few days. At present, all I can say is that it is quite fascinating.

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