Good News for North Minneapolis and St. Paul – Ion Corp. & Ecolab Invest Big in Cities’ Future



The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is set to receive a major boost as two leading companies, Ion Corp. and Ecolab, announced separate investments that will help bring jobs and green space to both cities over the next several years.

Ion Corp., one of the largest employers in Minnesota’s capital city, has recently revealed plans to construct a new 113,000-square-foot plant at a cost of $30 million that is expected to yield no less than 100 additional jobs with a payroll of more than $10 million for the fledgling workforce.

This exciting news comes at a time when confidence in the Twin Cities’ economy is high, with many analysts predicting further economic activity throughout this region as a result of this announcement from Ion Corp.

In addition to Ion Corp., Ecolab and its foundation have also pledged their support for Minneapolis and St. Paul by donating $2 million to create a small downtown park between the Landmark Center and Hamm Building in St. Paul as part of their commitment towards improving environmental health in Minnesota’s capital city.

This move will add much needed green space to an often hectic urban area, allowing locals to enjoy some quiet moments away from their busy lives while also helping contribute to local sustainability efforts important for keeping our cities clean and healthy for future generations.

These developments come at a pivotal time for both cities, acting as catalysts that can help shape generations yet come with added value through job creation, improved infrastructure and enhanced images overall – leaving everyone optimistic about growth in Minneapolis and St. Paul moving forward.

With these two major investments from Ion Corp. and Ecolab, Minneapolis and St. Paul are well-positioned to experience a period of growth over the coming years that will bring new jobs to the area, improved infrastructure, and quality green space for locals in both cities to enjoy. This is great news indeed for North Minneapolis and St. Paul, and bodes well for the Twin Cities as a whole.

When combined with other investments already made in Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s clear that these two cities are on the brink of something big – both economically and environmentally. Let’s hope Ion Corp. and Ecolab’s investments can be a model for other companies in the future, and help Minneapolis and St. Paul continue to thrive and prosper.  

For now, let’s all give a hearty congratulations to Ion Corp. and Ecolab for their generous investments in the future of North Minneapolis and St. Paul! It’s clear that these two organizations understand the importance of giving back to the communities they operate in, and will undoubtedly help make both cities even better places to live for years to come.

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