Google’s Duet AI for Workspace: A New Powerhouse for Productivity



Google has recently made waves in the tech industry with the public release of Duet AI for Workspace, a suite of AI-powered features designed to optimize productivity for its users. This development comes as a direct response to competitors, such as Microsoft, who have also been integrating AI into their office software platforms.

Key Features of Duet AI for Workspace

  • AI Meetings Attendance: One standout feature allows the AI to attend meetings in lieu of the user. It can convey messages and later provide a summary of what transpired during the session.
  • Note-taking Capabilities: The new “take notes for me” feature enables automatic capturing of notes, action items, and video snippets during meetings.
  • Private AI Chat: Meeting attendees can converse privately with Google’s AI chatbot to discuss meeting details.
  • Instant Summaries: A “summary so far” function offers a quick catch-up for late attendees.
  • Real-time Translation and Face Detection: Google Meet will have a real-time translation for multiple languages and face detection to differentiate between multiple workers on the same screen.
  • AI-Generated Presentations: Leveraging data from Drive and Gmail, the tool can auto-generate charts and presentations.

Competitive Pricing and Availability

Offered at $30 per month per user, Google’s Duet AI matches the cost of Microsoft’s Copilot assistant for Microsoft 365. Google also hinted at providing different pricing for smaller organizations and individual users. The tool was publicly announced by CNBC after initial pre-orders in May. Google Workspace users, estimated at three billion globally with over 10 million paid subscriptions, can avail of a free trial before committing to the service.

Detailed Applications of Duet AI

1. Email and Content Generation

Incorporated within Gmail, Duet AI excels at email creation, especially for those tasked with sending frequent and repetitive emails. After Google’s rigorous beta testing, this feature was launched at the Google Cloud Next conference. The AI turns basic prompts into draft copies for users to review and modify based on desired detail and formality.

2. Real-time Collaboration

The vision behind Duet AI is to act as a dynamic, intelligent partner. For instance, if an executive is tasked with creating a quarterly report overnight, Duet AI can rapidly create a presentation, including text, charts, and images, sourcing relevant content from Drive and Gmail.

3. Enhanced Presentation and Documentation

For Google Slides, Duet AI crafts unique images from text and automates presentation creation. Additionally, Google Docs, assists users in both content creation and refinement, with an additional proofreading feature to rival platforms like Grammarly.

AI in the Workplace: A Growing Trend

The introduction of Duet AI follows a larger trend in the tech world. Companies are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence to improve workplace efficiency. Early adopters of such technologies, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, have already experienced the advantages these AI-driven tools can bring. Yet, as with any technology, AI isn’t foolproof. Instances of mistakes and “hallucinations” have posed challenges for some businesses. The move also reflects the ongoing “AI arms race” between tech behemoths, particularly Google and Microsoft. As both strive to introduce innovative AI-powered products, they continue to vie for dominance in a market that is witnessing booming investor interest.


The integration of AI into workspace tools, as exhibited by Google’s Duet AI, represents a shift in how businesses approach productivity. As these tools become more sophisticated and widely adopted, it will be fascinating to watch how they reshape the future of work.

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