Google Home App Integrates Support for First-Generation Nest Cam Indoor



Google has started the process of integrating older Nest Cams into the Google Home app, commencing with the first-generation Nest Cam Indoor from 2015. This significant move follows:

  • The acquisition of Dropcam and the subsequent launch of the “Nest Cam” in 2015, which was rebranded as the “Nest Cam Indoor” a year later.
  • Google’s commitment to incorporating many more Nest devices and features into the Home app while preserving user privacy and security.

Features and Functionalities

Users with the Nest Cam Indoor can now avail of the following features in the Google Home app:

  • Live Feed Access: The app provides support for live feeds in its Favorites tab.
  • Camera History UI: This interface enables users to toggle swiftly between event and timeline views and offers “fine-level” video feed scrubbing.
  • Household Routine Support: An enhanced support for this feature has been added.
  • Google Home Website Viewing: The cameras can now also be viewed on the Google Home website.

However, some features currently available in the Nest app, like the option to share a live video stream link with others, will not be immediately available in the Home app. Nevertheless, Google has plans to introduce more Nest app features to the Home app later this year. These include the ability to create and download custom video clips.

Migration Process

For those interested in transitioning their Nest Cam Indoor to the Google Home app, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Joining the Google Home Public Preview: Navigate to the Settings tab and click on Public Preview at the bottom. Follow the instructions presented to enroll.
  2. Transferring the Camera: Once enrolled in the preview, users will receive a prompt in the app to transfer their camera to the Favorites tab. This process is expected to be phased and might take a few weeks as Google is methodically adding users.

Current and Future Plans

After migrating to the Google Home app, the Nest Cam Indoor will cease to be accessible in the Nest app. While previous camera history remains in the Nest app until expiration, no new history will accumulate. Google has also emphasized that there’s no current change to the Nest app, and users can revert their camera from the Google Home Public Preview whenever they wish.

The integration of the first-gen Nest Cam Indoor is the beginning of a series of planned transitions. Google has affirmed that the Nest Cam Outdoor is next in line, with more devices set to be integrated in the future.


This strategic shift aims to streamline Google’s smart home ecosystem. While some key functionalities are yet to be migrated, the integration marks a significant step towards consolidating all Nest security cameras under the Google Home app. However, users still holding onto the legacy Nest app are assured that they can continue to use it, at least for the time being.


Google’s website provides comprehensive instructions on how to participate in the Public Preview program. Additionally, Google has stated that all eligible Nest Cam Indoor users will receive an email once the integration is available to all.

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