Google One VPN will have Free Access for Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in December



When Google unveiled the Pixel 7 series, two features were marked as “coming soon.” The free “VPN by Google One” is one feature of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’s security tentpole, and it’s planned to come in December.

As per Google One support document, “Pixel 7 and Pixel 7* Pro customers can access VPN by Google One for free on these devices through the Google One app without any subscription of Google One” in December of 2022.

The article mentions that VPN accessibility may be restricted in certain countries like India or Singapore, where Pixel 7 devices are sold, as well as for Workspace and certain supervised accounts (including child accounts).

Google has also stated that the free offering “does not affect the price or benefits of Google One Premium plans” for those already on the 2TB+ plan. Although it is a straightforward deployment strategy, a plan discount would have been helpful.

Given that this Pixel 7 benefit appears to be the same VPN method currently available to existing users inside the Google One app, its December delivery date remains unclear. The Google Fi VPN should be integrated more thoroughly, hopefully in a manner similar to how Pixel smartphones do it. The Google carrier does not display any more notifications beyond the status bar icon.

With the Feature Drop for the following month and the release of Android 13 QPR1, December is shaping up to be a significant month for Pixel. Even though the Pixel 7 embraces some features of QPR1 (“Screen protector mode” rename), it’s still Android 13 (no animated Quick Settings tiles, old media player scrubber, etc.). In the meantime, Clear Calling is another “coming soon” aspect that Google advertised at the launch to advance voice quality using machine learning.

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