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Holland & Knight Leverages Wellness Programs to Attract Top Lawyer Talent



Firms in the Biglaw segment are well aware of the need to attract top talent. To that end, Holland & Knight has taken an early adoption of wellness programs as part of their recruitment strategy. Led by William Shepherd, partner in the West Palm Beach office, the firm is offering comprehensive resources to employees and their family members dealing with addiction, mental health issues, meditation and mindfulness sessions, nutrition plans and fitness programs. Shepherd commented on this new approach stating: “We believe that these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of our team and will ensure that we continue to attract the highest quality candidates while providing support and assistance when needed” He went on to add: “This will help lawyers build more fulfilling careers as they develop beyond professional skills.” There is a growing recognition among legal firms that holistic approaches which offer physical as well as mental care for their staff can be beneficial not only for personnel but also for ensuring a more productive workplace.

This is why many organizations are introducing wellness initiatives such as rebounding from stressful cases or providing access to counseling centers. With this in mind, Holland & Knight‘s decision acts as a reminder of how law firms must keep up with current trends to remain competitive in today’s market. The range of services available at Holland & Knight provides an abundance of academic knowledge alongside practical advice and emotional support centers promoting emotional balance. The overall goal is to provide lawyers with increased confidence and job satisfaction so they can enjoy healthier working lives both professionally and personally. These innovative moves should make a positive impact on recruiting, retention rates and reputation throughout all generations within the legal industry regardless of location or experience levels. By building an ethical salary program combined with comprehensive wellbeing packages, Holland & Knight have sent a powerful message out into the legal profession ― they understand their workers’ needs and value them variously on different levels. It remains to be seen whether other law firms will follow suit with similar initiatives but it seems likely given the success seen in other industries where welfare policies have been implemented successfully.

Regardless, this is a positive move by Holland & Knight that should prove beneficial in the long run. The importance of wellness programs to employees cannot be overstated. They can help reduce stress levels and boost morale, while also providing a comprehensive package of resources for those struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Not only do these policies promote a healthier work-life balance, they also show that employers take into account the well-being of their staff. In this regard, Holland & Knight is leading the way and providing a great example for other law firms to follow.

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