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Brands are looking for social media influencers on Instagram who have a niche and who are consistent in their photography and content creation. Having an Instagram account that’s full of photos from different brands will help you build credibility with potential partners and make them want to work with you. But how do you get noticed by brands? Here are eight ways:

Create a professional account.

If you are going to build a brand, it’s important that your Instagram account is professional from the start. A common mistake (or even some intentional mistakes) that people make is using personal photos or photos of friends. This can be confusing for brands and influencers and lead them to believe that your account isn’t legitimate.

To ensure that you have the best chance of getting noticed by brands on Instagram, create an account with a consistent theme, avoid using personal images as much as possible and make sure all necessary information is included in your profile:

  • Profile photo should be professional looking with good lighting and no filters
  • Cover photo should be high quality and focus on one thing or theme – don’t use multiple images or collages
  • Username should also be professional sounding

Create a personal brand that’s different from others.

  • Be yourself

This is the first and most important step to creating a unique personal brand on Instagram. You can’t be someone else, so don’t try. While there are many fashion influencers who have made careers out of being their own person and sticking with it, there will always be some people who think they’re cool because they look like other people. Don’t let them get you down – what matters is that YOU are happy with your content!

  • Be creative

Brands like creativity because it shows you have talent and attention to detail, which makes for great photos! Think about how you can show off your style in different ways; whether it’s through photo editing or by taking pictures from different angles at different times of day or night, find ways that work best for YOU instead of just doing things because someone else does them too well already (and remember: brands aren’t looking for carbon copies).

Take your time with your images.

When you post an image to your account, it’s like sending a message in a bottle. You want it to stand out from the others and get noticed. So take your time with your images.

Make sure the image is perfect: The lighting is right, the composition is great, there are no blemishes on your face and so on… this can take some time but if you really want to attract attention then make sure that every detail of the photo looks flawless!

Make sure the image is relevant: Posts related to campaigns or sponsored content will be more likely seen than posts without any relevance whatsoever (unless they’re funny/sexy/etc…). Just make sure they’re appropriate – if there’s no connection at all between what’s happening in an ad campaign and what kind of audience would see it (or vice versa), chances are people won’t understand why they’re seeing these ads at all!

Get out and about so you can take photos of different things.

The best way to get noticed is by taking great photos of different things. If you have a camera, use it! If you don’t, use your phone (we all have at least one lying around). The more photos you take and the more places you visit, the better chance of getting discovered on Instagram.

Have a good selection of photos in your feed.

Your Instagram feed is an important part of your brand. It’s where potential clients and customers can get a feel for what it’s like to work with you, and where they can get a sense of the quality of your work. This is why it’s important to have a good selection of photos in your feed.

When people visit accounts, they’re looking to see if they’d want to hire the person behind them. The first thing they do is look at their profile pic (the one that shows up when someone searches for “your name”). If that picture doesn’t scream “reliable” or “trustworthy,” chances are high that the potential client will move on without considering hiring you.

For this reason, I recommend having 2-5 photos in addition to your profile pic: 1) One photo showing off who you are as an individual; 2) One photo showing off what kind of professional expertise you have; 3) One photo showing off how creative/artistic side projects can be applied outside academia; 4) One photo showcasing some aspect(s) related directly back towards academia.*

Don’t delete old posts but keep them consistent with what you post now.

Don’t delete old posts, but keep them consistent with what you post now.

Your Instagram feed is a timeline of your life and your personal brand. If you’ve posted photos that don’t reflect the type of content you’re posting now, it’s okay to leave them up—just make sure they’re not too outdated or irrelevant.

If there are any photos on your account that are embarrassing or outdated, consider making an album called “Oops!” and move those photos into it. Then untag yourself in those pictures so others can’t see them when someone tags a specific photo.

Be aware of trends and become an expert on those trends.

You can use this trend-spotting to your advantage—you’ll know what people are interested in, and you can use that information to your benefit. For example, if you run a dog-walking service, then you might want to know what breeds of dogs are popular at the moment. Or maybe you want to know which cities have more dog walkers than others based on population size.

You could also get creative and research other aspects of the world around you: What are people talking about? What are they buying? Or perhaps even look at historical trends from years past: What were fashion trends like ten years ago?

If there’s something that’s popular or relevant in your niche right now, then chances are good that many brands will be interested in advertising next year too!

Use hashtags and use the right amount of hashtags, but don’t overuse them.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to hashtags is that they help other people find your photos. They also allow you to connect with others who have similar interests. Using hashtags correctly will help you grow your following and find new brands on Instagram that might want to work with you in the future!

When using hashtags, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t overuse them– only use 5-10 relevant and curated ones per post (many users will use up to 20-30)
  • Make sure they’re related or related-ish– if it’s a beach photo, don’t tag #motivationmonday (it doesn’t fit)
  • Use a variety of different types of hashtags– using different kinds of popular tags can give your post more exposure because it’ll be found under different categories than just one type

Be active on your account and engage with other accounts in the niche you’re interested in.

The first thing you need to do is be active on your account. That means engaging with other accounts, replying to comments, and posting regular content. You can’t just post once and then forget about it; you have to keep people coming back for more by engaging with them through your posts and comments.

If you’re interested in a particular niche (like fashion or food), then go ahead and engage with all the accounts related to that niche. Don’t just follow them all—talk with them! Make friends! Be helpful! Help each other out! It’s not just about getting noticed by brands—it’s also about creating a community within a niche.”

Don’t only post about one thing, for instance don’t only post fashion photos unless you’re trying to build a career as a fashion blogger.

Don’t only post about one thing, for instance don’t only post fashion photos unless you’re trying to build a career as a fashion blogger.

Don’t only post about your brand/product. This is not the time to promote and sell your products, rather it’s an opportunity to showcase what you have and what others can do with it!

Brands want to work with social media influencers who have a niche and who are consistent in their photography and content creation.

Brands want to work with social media influencers who have a niche and who are consistent in their photography and content creation. They also want to work with influencers that are active on social media.


There are many ways to get noticed by brands on Instagram, but the two main ones are being consistent with your feed and engaging with other accounts. These two things will help grow your following and help you develop a brand that’s unique from others in the same industry or niche. You can also use hashtags and be active on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook where you can find potential clients, such as those who work with brands looking for influencers.

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