IOS 16.4 Unveiled: Explore the Bug Fixes and New Features in the Latest Public Beta



Apple recently released the iOS 16.4 beta, giving users a sneak peek of the upcoming features in their next major operating system update. Apple has packed the new version of iOS with several new features that should make using their devices easier than ever. The Always on Display feature is now available for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, allowing users to conveniently monitor their battery usage and toggle options based on user Focus settings. Additionally, there is now a lock screen widget that allows users to track their orders straight from the lockscreen without needing to leave it. Configuration profiles will no longer grant access to developer betas; instead this feature can only be accessed through a membership in the Apple Developer Program.

The Shortcuts automation hub has been given extra actions such as Silence Unknown Callers and Set True Tone while accessories can now be updated manually or automatically. The Ukrainian keyboard has also been given predictive text support. Various bug fixes have been included in this new version of iOS including better network connection when roaming on 802 Wi-Fi networks, Emergency Calls returning even when connected via an sXGP private network, improved reliability for restoring from iCloud backups and the removal of erroneous “Cannot Send Email” messages. Finally, Unicode 15 emoji updates have been added such as moose, donkey swan wings and more! These are sure to bring more fun into users’ messaging conversations with friends and family!

Overall, iOS 16.4 looks like it’s going to be a great upgrade for all those who are using Apple devices as it brings plenty of useful features along with essential bug fixes that should make using your device easier than ever before! Apple also included several other improvements and updates with the iOS 16.4 beta, such as an updated Apple Music app that now supports high-fidelity streaming and a redesigned App Library with more intuitive folder organization. There is also a new Low Data mode to help users conserve cellular data usage when necessary. Additionally, improvements have also been made to Apple News+ with a redesigned magazine experience and more personalized article recommendations. The iOS 16.4 public beta is available for everyone who has an iPhone or iPad running the latest version of iOS.

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