Irving business owner claims $40,000 worth of watches misplaced during DHL shipment



Irving resident Jay Donaldson has been successfully and diligently running two small businesses out of his home for the past six years. But in December, he unexpectedly encountered a setback when his two-package delivery worth nearly $40,000, sent through DHL from Switzerland, was only half received. Donaldson had invested in the shipment and purchased several watches featuring “5am” and “5pm” inscribed on them to signify when entrepreneurs start and end their days. To purchase these watches, he spent a considerable sum in order to make sure his businesses continued to function properly. When Donaldson contacted the carrier about the missing package, they offered him $750 as a sort of ‘goodwill gesture’. However this was deemed disrespectful by Donaldson as it did not cover what he spent on the shipment.

Furthermore, such gestures do not make up for financial losses experienced by business owners due to mishandling of shipments or packages lost in transit. Faced with this challenge, Donaldson is now considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or going to small claims court in order to resolve it and get justice served. He hopes that doing so will help other business owners faced with similar situations in the future. For many entrepreneurs like Donaldson starting their own business can be exciting but also difficult due to unexpected challenges along the way that are often out of their control. Hoping for more responsibility taken by carriers such as DHL regarding timely deliveries and proper handling of packages sent via their services is something all entrepreneurs look forward to.

Donaldson is now in the process of discovering a resolution to his problem and has decided to reach out to other local businesses that have had similar experiences. He plans on consulting them on what can be done and how he should proceed with this issue. Until then, Donaldson’s goal is to continue running his business while keeping his customers informed and not letting this setback affect the quality of his services. With this in mind, he encourages other business owners to do the same in order to ensure their businesses remain successful and prosperous despite challenging times.

Donaldson’s story is an important reminder for all entrepreneurs that shipping companies should take responsibility when packages are lost or mishandled in transit, and that it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure one’s rights are protected. Small business owners like Donaldson should never be taken advantage of, and proper compensation should always be sought for any losses incurred due to shipping errors. By standing up for himself and advocating for other entrepreneurs as well, Donaldson hopes to set an example for other business owners and make sure this situation is handled fairly so that no one else has to go through it in the future. With his determination and hard work, Donaldson looks forward to a successful outcome.

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