Minneapolis Small Business Owners Organize a Black Business Expo After Disappointment with City’s Event



Small business owners in Minneapolis expressed their disappointment with the inaugural ‘I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dreams Expo,’ organized by the city. The event, which aimed to showcase local businesses and diverse talent, left many owners with substantial losses. As a result, a group of passionate small business owners came together to plan and execute their own event, ‘The Peoples’ Market Mpls.’

Despite the city’s events, the small business community in Minneapolis continues to show strength and resilience, coming together to support each other during difficult times. The city’s expo was intended to uplift and showcase local businesses but fell short of expectations, leaving many people feeling disenfranchised.

Several local businesses, such as The Dream Shop and Inner Peace Fragrance, reported significant losses at the City’s expo. These businesses have been suffering since March 2020 when the pandemic hit Minnesota, and many have struggled to stay afloat in the hard-hit local economy.

However, the small business community came together to support each other, leveraging social media to spread the word about their goods and services. This grassroots effort culminated in the successful People’s Market Mpls, which aims to showcase small businesses, create networking opportunities and engage with the broader community.

The market organizers worked hard to ensure the event’s success, but some came away disappointed with the allocation of funds. An out-of-state company received a large portion of the event’s budget, leading to concerns regarding the event’s funding and the city’s commitment to supporting local businesses. However, the market’s organizers state that they are committed to showcasing local businesses and talent.

The People’s Market Mpls is a hub for small businesses to showcase their products and connect with the community. The event featured several vendors, including craftsmen and women, artists, and food vendors. Attendees got the chance to interact with businesses and learn more about the products and services they offer.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has pledged support for small businesses and encouraged locals to attend the new market. According to Frey, small businesses are critical to the city’s economy and the community’s vitality. By supporting the small business community, the city will be able to help bring vibrancy to Minneapolis while reducing economic inequality.

The People’s Market Mpls demonstrated how small businesses can continue to support each other and the broader community in the wake of trying times. The economic fallout from the pandemic has left many businesses reeling, but Minneapolis’ small business community has proven that they are resilient, resourceful, and determined to succeed.

The support from the community coupled with initiatives such as The People’s Market Mpls showcase the strength and resilience of Minneapolis’ small business community. The market was packed with locals and tourists who came out to support and engage with small businesses.

People’s Market Mpls served as an important reminder that small businesses are crucial in every community. Economic inequality has hit small businesses hard since the pandemic struck, but the small business community in Minneapolis has risen to the occasion, supporting each other and creating new opportunities for growth.

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