Netflix Chooses Not to Release App for Apple Vision Pro



In a surprising move, Netflix has decided not to release an app for Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. This revelation comes as a significant omission from Apple’s recent announcement of entertainment apps for the headset, sparking intrigue and speculation in the tech world.

No Native App for Vision Pro

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that Netflix doesn’t want to make an app just for the Apple Vision Pro headset. They also won’t change their iPad app to work with this new device, so if you have a Vision Pro, you can’t watch Netflix on it.

This choice is very different from what Apple wants. Apple would like its new headset to work with loads of apps from the App Store. But developers can say no to making their apps compatible if they want, and that’s exactly what Netflix did.

Accessing Netflix Through Web Browsers

Instead of a dedicated app, Vision Pro users will be directed to access Netflix through the Safari web browser. This approach mirrors the way Netflix is accessible on Mac computers. While it ensures access to Netflix content, it raises concerns about the user experience.

  • Watching Netflix via a web browser may result in a less immersive experience compared to native apps.
  • Offline viewing, a popular feature among Netflix users, will not be available through the web browser.
  • Video quality may vary depending on the browser used, potentially limiting the viewing experience.

These limitations could affect the overall appeal of Vision Pro as a platform for streaming favorite shows and movies.

Apple’s Impressive Lineup of Entertainment Apps

Despite Netflix’s absence, Apple has managed to secure a robust lineup of entertainment apps for the Vision Pro headset. Notable names include Disney+, Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, ESPN, MLB, NBA, and more. The Apple TV app will also feature MLS Season Pass, catering to sports enthusiasts.

Apple is even going the extra mile by offering 3D movies and experiences from Disney Plus and Apple TV, enhancing the immersive aspect of the Vision Pro for avid moviegoers. The Apple TV app will also boast a movie store with over 150 3D titles at launch.

What to Expect from Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro headset is set to go up for pre-order this Friday, with prices starting at $3,500. The first units are scheduled to ship to customers on February 2nd. While Apple’s initial sales projections indicate approximately 500,000 units in the first year, the absence of a Netflix app may not deter early adopters.

However, this move by Netflix could be reevaluated in the future as Apple continues to expand its visionOS device ecosystem, potentially winning over millions of users.

Netflix’s Future Decision

Netflix isn’t on Vision Pro’s app list, and that makes us wonder about their plans in the growing world of VR and AR. Although Netflix has skipped joining this time, they might be keeping an eye on how well the headset does and what users think.

Apple is expanding its visionOS ecosystem, and with the Vision Pro at the forefront, Netflix may see good reasons to change its mind later on. The tech world changes all the time, and what people want can change quickly too. If the Vision Pro gets popular and turns into a big deal for fun at home, Netflix could lose out on a lot of viewers by not having its app.

The fight to get more streaming subscribers is tough, as services are always trying to grab people’s attention. Netflix’s choice to pass on an app for something as new as the Vision Pro could lead them to look for other ways to connect with viewers in VR spaces.


Wrapping up, Netflix’s decision not to make an app for Apple’s Vision Pro headset has caused a stir. Even though Apple is promising lots of cool stuff like 3D fun and movies, missing out on Netflix could make people worry about how good the experience will be. We’ll just have to wait and see how this choice affects whether people buy the Vision Pro when pre-order starts, and if Netflix will think it over again in the future. Read more about Netflix’s decision regarding their app for Vision Pro.

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