Movie extra accuses Russell Brand of sexual assault



High-profile comedian and actor Russell Brand faces a sexual assault allegation from a movie extra, marking another significant claim in a series of accusations against the actor. The complainant, known in court documents as Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit detailing a disturbing incident during the production of the romantic comedy “Arthur” in 2010.

Details of the Allegation

An anonymous woman brought forth serious allegations against Russell Brand that occurred on the set of “Arthur,” a film released in April 2011. The incident, described in a civil lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of New York, alleged that Brand exposed himself to her before committing sexual assault in a secluded bathroom, guarded by a member of the production team.

Specific Claims Made by Jane Doe

  • Russell Brand appeared intoxicated and was carrying a vodka bottle on set.
  • The alleged exposure took place in full view of the cast, crew, and Warner Bros. employees.
  • Sexual assault occurred in a bathroom on the same day as the exposure.
  • The claimant was not called back after the incident and was paid for only one day’s work despite being hired for three days.
  • She has since suffered “extreme embarrassment, shame, and fear” and is concerned about industry blacklisting and retaliation due to Brand’s celebrity status.

In her filing, Jane Doe cited the imbalance of power on movie sets as a factor that often silences victims of such conduct. This claim aligns with her concerns about facing blacklisting and retaliation within the entertainment industry, which could jeopardize her career. Despite maintaining her role as an actor, she fears the possible consequences of her lawsuit becoming public.

Previous and Ongoing Allegations

Brand’s history with such allegations includes four other women coming forward with accusations of sexual assault between 2006 and 2013, as reported by The Sunday Times. These past allegations have added a layer of complexity to Brand’s public image and the recent claims against him. In response to these earlier claims, Brand denied the allegations, insisting his relationships were always consensual.

Lawsuit Details and Industry Repercussions

The lawsuit against Brand also names Warner Bros. and other production companies involved with “Arthur” as defendants. This suit does not only highlight an individual incident but also questions the responsibility of production companies in preventing and responding to such allegations.

Reaction from the Industry and Brand’s Defense

  • Neither Brand nor the named production companies and studio responded immediately to requests for comment on the new lawsuit.
  • Brand addressed past allegations on his social media, thanking his fans for their support and prompting skepticism about the presented information.

The Accuser’s Plight for Anonymity

The plaintiff, to protect her privacy and professional reputation, has requested the use of a pseudonym throughout the legal proceedings. In supporting documents, Jane Doe’s attorneys emphasize her past trauma from childhood and adult sexual assaults, which exacerbate the psychological toll of the current situation. She has pleaded for court orders to prevent the disclosure of her identity, suggesting potential harm and further victimization if her name is associated with the case.


While the legal process unfolds, the seriousness of the allegations against Russell Brand casts a shadow over his career and highlights ongoing concerns about sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry. As Jane Doe seeks to regain her power and confront the accused, the public and industry insiders alike wait for a resolution to these grave allegations.

The case represents a critical moment for discussions about power dynamics in Hollywood, the support systems available for survivors of sexual assault, and the mechanisms within the industry for holding influential figures accountable. Jane Doe’s pursuit of justice, while fighting for her anonymity, underscores the challenges faced by individuals seeking to expose wrongful acts committed by those in positions of power and influence.

The outcome of this lawsuit may have far-reaching implications not only for the involved parties but also for the practices and culture of reporting and addressing sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

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