Samsung TVs and Google Assistant: A Partnership Ends



Let’s start with a quick history lesson on how voice assistants have become essential for making smart TVs even better. It’s been quite the journey from the simple remote controls we started with to the fancy voice commands we have now, which let people do more than just flip channels or turn up the volume. Nowadays, you can ask your TV to control other gadgets around the house, hunt down your favorite shows and a bunch more.


Elaborate on the partnership’s inception between Samsung and Google to integrate Google Assistant into Samsung TVs. Highlight the initial goals, such as offering users a choice among voice assistants and enhancing the smart home ecosystem compatibility. Mention how this was received as a forward-thinking move, reflecting on the partnership’s significance at the time.

Back in 2020, Samsung TVs got friendly with Google Assistant, giving people the power to tell their TVs what to do by just speaking up. Browsing channels, managing house gizmos, opening apps – all of it got way easier. But then out of the blue, it’s gone missing from Samsung’s TVs in 2023! The word around town is that Google changed some rules, and that’s why Samsung had to ditch the feature.

Impact on Existing Models

Discuss in detail how removing Google Assistant affects users, especially those who preferred Google’s ecosystem. Explore the implications for smart home integration, where users might have devices that respond better to Google Assistant.Think about how annoying it is for folks who now have to wrap their heads around Bixby or Amazon Alexa instead. They’ve got to fuss with settings again and memorize a whole new set of spoken tricks! 

Bad news: by March 1, 2024, Google Assistant is saying goodbye to all compatible Samsung smart TVs – and that’s a lot of TVs from 2020 to 2022. This includes:

  • All 2022 Smart TV models
  • All 2021 Smart TV models
  • 2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs
  • 2020 Crystal UHD TVs
  • 2020 Lifestyle TVs (Frame, Serif, Terrace, Sero)

Users will need to switch to alternative voice assistants like Bixby or Amazon Alexa for voice control functionalities.

Reasons Behind the Removal

The specific policy change by Google that prompted this removal has not been detailed by either company. However, this move is part of a broader strategy by Google to streamline its Assistant services, having already announced the discontinuation of nearly two dozen features from phones and smart speakers earlier.

Future of Voice Assistants on Samsung TVs

Even without Google Assistant, Samsung TV watchers aren’t left in a lurch because they’ve still got Bixby and Amazon Alexa at their beck and call, packed with loads of useful voice-controlled stuff. Plus, Samsung and Google are still pals in other ways, so don’t think there’s any bad blood between these tech big shots over this.

Consumer Reaction

Now let’s dive into what people are saying about all this – a blend of direct chitchat and bits reworded by yours truly from tweets, message boards, and Samsung’s own chat rooms. Folks out there are going through all sorts of feelings, from sorely let down or mad as heck, to those who get why it happened or just shrug it off – really shows you the whole range of what customers are thinking.

The axing of Google Assistant from Samsung TVs has quite a few viewers feeling bummed out. Those who got used to gabbing to their TVs every day have been hit hard by the news. Swapping to different voice helpers might be a real drag for them.


Turning off Google Assistant on Samsung smart TVs shows how tech partnerships keep changing and how big company choices affect what we go through as users. The tech scene’s always moving, and we’ve gotta get used to new ways of doing things and new services. Meanwhile, giants like Samsung and Google figure out how to work together and still compete.

Sometimes using these gadgets won’t be smooth sailing for everyone, expect to take some time getting the hang of it.

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