Streaming Services: A Landscape of Challenges and Changes in 2024



The year 2023 saw a big change in the world of streaming. Top dogs like Disney+ and Paramount+ shared some bad news—they were in the hole for more than USD 5 billion (that’s about CAD 6.6 billion). That’s ’cause they’re up against Netflix, the big cheese of streaming. These companies have been throwing tons of cash at new shows and movies, which is hitting their wallets hard. They might have to switch things up next year.

Financial Struggles and Strategic Shifts

  • Scaling Back: Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Comcast, and Paramount are considering reducing production costs and selling legacy businesses.
  • Potential Mergers: Rumors suggest possible mergers, like Warner Bros. Discovery with Paramount, indicating a consolidation trend in the industry.
  • Netflix’s Unique Position: Despite a challenging 2022, Netflix continues to add new subscribers and maintain profitability, setting it apart from its competitors.

Impact on Subscribers

  • Reduced Content Production: To cut costs, streaming giants may significantly dial down original content production in 2024.
  • Possible Platform Mergers: Subscribers might see a merging of platforms as companies look for ways to remain viable.

Price Hikes and New Strategies in 2023

Major streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and AppleTV+, implemented significant price increases in 2023, particularly for ad-free plans. These adjustments were part of a broader industry trend labeled as “streamflation.”

Examples of Price Increases

  • Netflix Mixes It Up: Now you can get Netflix with ads for just $6.99 monthly. They’ve also bumped up their top-tier plan—it’ll set you back $22.99 instead of $19.99 a month now.
  • Price Twists for Hulu and Disney+: You’re looking at $17.99 a month for Hulu without the pesky commercials, while Disney+ climbs up to $13.99 per month.
  • AppleTV+ and Amazon Prime Video Tweak Prices: AppleTV+ asked for $3 more, and Amazon Prime Video now lets you skip ads if you fork over an extra $2.99 each month.

Consequences for Consumers

  • Cost Comparisons: The combined cost of subscriptions like Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and others has risen from around $50 to over $80 per month.
  • Future Price Increases: Industry experts predict continued price hikes until they reach or surpass traditional cable bills.

The Reckoning of Traditional Entertainment Companies

2024 is a crucial year for major media firms. They’re losing over $5 billion in a single year due to streaming services. Huge players such as Disney, Warner Bros Discovery, Comcast, and Paramount are under pressure. They’ve got to cut back or get rid of bits of their traditional operations.

Strategic Moves and Challenges

  • Sale Speculations: Paramount is reportedly considering a sale to Skydance, and there have been discussions about a potential merger with Warner Bros Discovery.
  • Streaming Losses and Market Pressures: These companies are grappling with a weak advertising market, declining television revenues, and rising production costs.
  • Industry’s Panic State: Analysts describe the situation as a state of panic, with traditional media groups struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

Netflix’s Continued Dominance

  • Profitable Growth: Netflix stands out with profitable growth and a significant subscriber increase, contrasting sharply with its rivals.
  • Strategic Price Increases: Services like Warner’s HBO have maintained profitability partly by raising prices and cutting costs but at the expense of losing subscribers.

Potential Industry Consolidation

  • Rumors of Mergers: Companies like Warner and Comcast are seen as potential candidates for mergers or acquisitions.
  • Disney’s Restructuring Efforts: Disney is undergoing a major restructuring, including significant job cuts, aiming for profitability in streaming by late 2024.

Analyst Perspectives

  • Call for Downsizing: Some analysts argue that the solution for struggling companies might be to exit the streaming business and focus on a smaller, more defined market presence.


Today, the world of online streaming is in flux – it’s dealing with money troubles, new game plans, and more rivals. As firms tweak their playbooks and folk shell out more cash, how we enjoy our digital fun is changing. To learn more, go check out Financial Times; they’ve got the scoop on all this streaming biz stuff.

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