Struggling to Keep Up: Exploring Solutions as Egg Prices Skyrocket



Erin Davis of Huntington Township, Pennsylvania, is a dedicated chicken keeper and takes great pride in providing her family with fresh eggs from her flock. Erin began keeping chickens as an investment for her family in the summer of 2019 and invested around $700 for feed, materials for the coop, and four hens: Sugar, Cookie, Dorothy, and Blanche. Her sons Cade (age 5) and Beau (10) were excited to help out with tending to their new feathered friends. After seven months of waiting patiently, they were delighted when their first egg was laid on December 14th.

Before beginning her own backyard chicken operation, Erin had to ensure that she complied with local zoning laws. She was relieved to find that although keeping chickens was not legal when they lived in Wilkes-Barre, it was allowed in Huntington Township due to its more rural character. Now every day, they can expect to reap between three and six eggs from these hardworking birds.

Not only does keeping chickens offer the reward of fresh eggs, but there are many other benefits as well. Knowing what goes into their food is a huge plus for Erin and her family, who often provide leftovers such as carrots, cauliflower, or spinach leaves for their feathered friends to enjoy. They also provide free range time daily to the hens so that they can roam about, which makes them happy and keeps them healthier too. Even some of the more dramatic moments involving hawks trying to make off with one of the brood have served to heighten their appreciation for these valuable members of their household.

The Davis’ experience is shared by Dakota and Kaili Bowman, who run Bow & Branch Chicken Ranch near Shickshinny Lake in Pennsylvania as well. The couple owns 35 chickens – originally purchased as chicks and ones that Kaili rescued when previous owners no longer wanted them. They look forward to increasing egg production in the coming springtime this year, when there will be a rainbow array of shells from pink through green, turquoise, and white available! To make delicious local farm-fresh eggs available more widely, they plan on opening an egg stand at 57 Cherokee Drive by the end of March, where customers will be able to pick up a dozen or eighteen eggs at great prices; $3 per dozen or $4 for 18 respectively – much cheaper than store-bought! Not only do locally grown farm fresh eggs taste better, but it’s also nice knowing exactly where your food comes from! Plus, Dakota & Kaili are happy to share tips if anyone wants information on raising their own chickens themselves – through potential keepers must realize how much work goes into taking care of these animals properly!

Even large businesses dealing with large quantities of eggs, like The Avenue Restaurant & Catering, are feeling the pinch due to rising costs. Especially during high-demand seasons like Easter when many people use extra eggs, making sure supplies don’t break easily is one added challenge faced by producers today! Ultimately everyone involved wants what’s best for consumers, however – accessibly priced tasty food options produced sustainably – so despite all the challenges, it’s nice that folks like Erin Davis & Dakota & Kaili Bowman have stepped up to address demand while putting quality & sustainability first – something we should all appreciate!

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