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Tampa’s Health Revolution: Community Garden and Food Pharmacy Launch



Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and the City of Tampa have rolled out the exciting TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy. This project, set up at the TGH Family Care Center Healthpark, is a big deal for improving nutrition and health in Tampa Bay, especially for those areas where getting good food is tough.

Commitment to Community Wellness

At the ribbon-cutting, TGH’s boss John Couris, and Mayor Jane Castor talked about their efforts to boost community health. They said that eating well and exercising are key to stopping and handling long-lasting health problems.With the community garden and food pharmacy, we aim to ensure all residents have access to these essentials,” Couris expressed.

Bringing the “Food is Medicine” Concept to Life

The cool idea behind TampaWell is that “food is medicine.” The Food Pharmacy gives people with chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure access to healthy foods at no cost. It’s not just about giving out food; it’s also teaching people how to grow their veggies and live healthier.

Expanding Healthcare Beyond Traditional Boundaries

TampaWell’s approach extends healthcare services beyond the conventional scope.It aims to create better health outcomes by focusing on nutrition and changes in daily habits. “We’re doing more than just handling symptoms; we are encouraging people to alter their lifestyles and habits, which could lessen or even turn around long-term health issues,” said Adam Smith, the Executive Vice President and Chief Ambulatory Care Officer at Tampa General Hospital.

Community Involvement and Support

The success of the TampaWell initiative is a testament to the power of community collaboration. The program is supported by over 80 local organizations, including the Feeding Tampa Bay Food Rx Program and the Tampa YMCA Veggie Van Produce Prescription Program. These partnerships have been instrumental in implementing this comprehensive wellness model.

Bridging Health Gaps with Innovative Technology

The TampaWell smartphone app, launched in 2023, further demonstrates TampaWell’s commitment to accessible healthcare. This app provides users with health prevention tips, and wellness event information, and tracks both individual and community-wide health progress.

TampaWell: A Model for Community Health

The plan is inspired by Wellness Valley in Italy, and that’s what TampaWell wants to do here—make Tampa a top place for health in the U.S. The project looks to get ahead of health issues and help those in the city who’ve got it rough by tackling the root causes of poor health. “Today, we’ve turned the TampaWell dream into a real way to get fresh, nutritious food to the folks who need it most,” Mayor Castor said.

Combating Local Health Challenges

Tampa faces some serious health problems, with too many people not moving enough, weighing too much, or having high blood pressure. TampaWell is tackling these challenges by making it easier for everyone to get to better health care and services, aiming to create a culture where staying healthy is part of everyday life.

About Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital is one of the best in the US because it provides excellent care with modern medical methods. As a non-profit teaching hospital, it offers many services, including top-tier treatments for serious injuries and burns. Their recent triumph with TMVR procedures—where they install new mitral valves without open-heart surgery—shows they’re leading the charge in pushing medical tech and patient care forward.

Location and Contact

The TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy is situated at 5802 North 30th Street, Tampa, Florida. For more information, please visit

The project marks a big step forward for local healthcare by merging medical knowledge with information about healthy eating to improve Tampa citizens’ well-being.

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