The Adults-Only Content Option on TikTok is Coming Soon



TikTok is no longer just for teens, or at least trying to stop being that as Zoomers get older. Along with its core user base, the platform hopes to graduate. TikTok is now launching an adults-only option for live streamers on the platform who prefer to limit their audience to people 18 and older as a step towards maturity.

TikTok presented a few fictitious examples of the scenarios and explanations for placing an age restriction. “Perhaps someone older than 18 would be more suited for a comedic routine. Or, a host might want to discuss a challenging life story and feel more at peace knowing that the topic is only open to adults,” the business said in a news release on Monday.

Furthermore, there is no indication in the current announcement that the rules will differ for streams solely available to adults. However, in an email to Gizmodo- a representative for TikTok stated that “all content, even if classified as better suited for people over 18, must adhere to our community guidelines.”

However, it’s crucial to remember that just because a website forbids explicit content doesn’t mean it won’t exist there. In the past, TikTok’s moderation efforts have repeatedly failed to prevent videos that should be restricted based on community guidelines.

The business also disclosed numerous updates to the live stream feature and its upcoming adult-only streams. The app also claims to be improving its keyword filtering function to give reminders and recommendations to producers trying to control their live stream interactions and comments.

It’s interesting to note that the company also disclosed another age-related change to live broadcasts. The minimum age requirement for live streaming on TikTok will increase to 18 on November 23 from the current 1,000 followers.

In its business blog post, TikTok didn’t go into great detail about the move; it merely called it an expansion of its already-existing in-app graduated age limitations (such as the 18+ barrier for monetization and the 16+ limit for direct messaging). However, the business stated to Gizmodo, “Our decision to raise the LIVE age requirement to 18 or older underscores our dedication to protecting our youngest community members as they develop their online presence.”

Under the heading, “our continuous work to help keep our community safe,” were featured both the adults-only streaming option and the updated age limit for viewers.

The interface and business strategy of TikTok are increasing, including live broadcasting. Although live streaming income made only 15% of TikTok’s overall revenue in 2021, it has expanded almost twice as quickly as the company’s online ad business during the previous two years. 

One of the easiest ways for platform users to monetize their content is through streaming because TikTok does not share advertising money with artists. However, the company has recently come under fire for keeping a sizable portion of the alleged “gifts” and “tips” given to network broadcasters. A BBC investigation revealed that TikTok and “middlemen” con artists were allegedly pocketing up to 70% of the money received by migrants pleading for help on the app in one especially horrifying instance.

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