The New iPhone 14 Pro Max no Longer Holds the Title of Fastest Download Speed, as Two Android Devices have Surpassed it



The iPhone 14 Pro Max was the fastest smartphone in terms of download speed when it launched last fall, beating out Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series. However, according to the latest report from Ookla – a leading internet testing organization – two Android devices have now surpassed Apple’s best offering.

The fourth quarter mobile performance report from Ookla showcased the most popular smartphones in the US and compared them across downloading and uploading speeds, latency, and availability. The results showed that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 claimed the top spot for median download speed with a rate of 147.24 Mbps, followed closely by Google’s Pixel 7 Pro at 137.11 Mbps. Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max came in third with 133.84 Mbps, and its predecessor – the iPhone 14 Pro – scored 130.14 Mbps for download speed. All four smartphones performed similarly when it came to uploading speed and latency, but the Pixel 7 Pro took first place with 15.53 Mbps for uploads and 50 ms latency.

Interestingly, Samsung phones had an advantage over all iPhones by approximately seven megabytes per second in terms of median download speeds, which could be indicative of where they were used more heavily or had better coverage during Q4 compared to their Apple counterparts. It is also worth noting that though Apple‘s device lost its title as ‘fastest,’ its speed still remained within a close range of the other top performers, ranging between 125-147Mbps in Ookla’s tests.

Analysts believe that this drop in performance may have been due to more iPhones being used by customers in areas with weaker carrier coverage than before, leading to lower overall speeds for Q4 compared to Q3, when fewer people had access to them. Despite this slight drop, users can still expect strong download speeds on any of these top four models regardless of their operating system of choice, proving that technology is advancing rapidly and allowing us to glean greater performance from our pocket-sized gadgets than ever before!

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