Top 10 Things Every Student Should Have in Their Backpack



It’s that time of year again when students everywhere are either gearing up for the new school year or already in the thick of things. Whether you’re a freshman starting high school or college, or a returning student, there are some essentials that every student should have in their backpack. Here is our list of the top 10 things every student should have in their backpack:

1. Textbooks and other course materials

Of course, this one is a given. Students need to have their textbooks and any other materials required for their classes in order to be prepared and succeed. Make sure you know what books and materials are required for each of your classes before the school year starts so you can be prepared from day one.

2. A good notebook and pens/pencils

Again, this is a no-brainer. Students need a good quality notebook to take notes in and pens or pencils for writing and taking tests. It’s also a good idea to have a few different colored pens or highlighters to use when studying or organizing your notes.

3. A laptop or tablet

More and more, students are using laptops or tablets in place of traditional textbooks and notebooks. While not every class will require or even allow the use of a laptop or tablet, it’s still a good idea to have one on hand for taking notes, doing research, or even just for entertainment during down time.

4. A planner

A planner is a must-have for keeping track of assignments, tests, and other important dates and events. There are a variety of planners available, so find one that works best for you and make sure to use it regularly.

5. Cash and/or a credit/debit card

You never know when you’ll need some extra cash or when you’ll need to use your credit/debit card. Whether it’s for buying lunch, buying textbooks, or paying for parking, it’s always good to have some money on hand.

6. A water bottle

Staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re spending long hours in class or studying. A water bottle is a great way to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.

7. Healthy snacks

Along with staying hydrated, eating healthy snacks is also important. Having some healthy snacks on hand will help you stay focused and avoid the temptation of unhealthy junk food.

8. An extra change of clothes

You never know when you might need an extra change of clothes. Whether you spill something on yourself or have to run to your next class after PE, it’s always good to have a spare shirt, pair of pants, or pair of shoes in your backpack.

9. A first-aid kit

A first-aid kit is always a good idea, especially if you have any allergies or medical conditions. Be sure to include things like band-aids, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and whatever else you might need.

10. A positive attitude!

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude with you to school. No matter what challenges or obstacles you face, a positive attitude will help you get through it all.


There you have it, our top 10 things every student should have in their backpack. Of course, there are other things that might be useful or necessary depending on your individual needs and circumstances. But we think this list is a good starting point for anyone getting ready for the new school year. So get out there and make the most of it!


Q: What are some other things that might be useful to have in a backpack?

A: Some other things that might be useful to have in a backpack include:

-A travel mug or thermos for hot drinks

-An umbrella or raincoat

-A sweater or jacket for when the classroom is cold

-A flash drive for storing and transporting files

-A set of earbuds or headphones

-A small sewing kit

-Snacks like granola bars or trail mix

-A reusable water bottle

-A mini toolkit with a flashlight, multi-purpose tool, and duct tape

-A small notebook for jotting down ideas or to-do lists

-A set of playing cards or other small games/activities for down time

Q: What should I do if I forget something at home?

A: If you forget something at home, don’t panic. Chances are, you can either go without it or borrow it from someone else. But if it’s something essential, like a textbook or your laptop, see if you can get it delivered to you or ask a friend to bring it to you.

Q: I’m not sure how to organize everything in my backpack. Any tips?

A: While there’s no one right way to organize a backpack, there are a few things you can do to make it easier. First, invest in some good quality storage containers or bags. This will help you keep everything organized and easy to find. Second, designate specific areas for different types of items. For example, have a spot for your textbooks, a spot for your laptop and charger, and a spot for your pens and pencils. Finally, get in the habit of cleaning out your backpack on a regular basis. This will help you avoid having too much stuff that you don’t need or use.

Q: I’m worried my backpack is going to be too heavy. Any advice?

A: If you’re worried your backpack is going to be too heavy, there are a few things you can do. First, try to only bring the essentials with you. Second, use storage containers or bags that are lightweight and easy to carry. Third, invest in a backpack with comfortable straps and padding. And finally, make sure you’re not carrying more than 10-15% of your body weight in your backpack. If it’s too heavy, it can cause strain and pain.

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