Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian: A Unique Hollywood Romance



Travis Barker, the renowned Blink-182 drummer, recently surprised many by breaking from the usual celebrity norm. During his appearance on the One Life One Chance podcast, he confirmed rumors surrounding the name he and his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, intend for their son. The couple has chosen the name “Rocky” for their baby boy. 

  • Name Inspiration: Barker attributed the name choice as a tribute to Rocky George, the guitarist of Suicidal Tendencies. 
  • Due Date: As per Barker’s revelation, the anticipated due date is either on Halloween or in the first week of November.

Approach to Pregnancy and Fertility

Differing from other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Barker and Kardashian have been more open about their journey:

  • The couple swiftly disclosed the baby’s gender after their pregnancy announcement, contrasting Kylie Jenner’s approach, who kept her first pregnancy completely private.
  • Parts of their fertility journey were showcased in “The Kardashians.”
  • In a recent discussion with Vanity Fair Italy, Kardashian opened up about natural conception, addressing those who critiqued her choice to become pregnant in her 40s. She emphasized faith and intuition, advocating for the organic process of childbirth.

Rocky Barker’s Anticipated Arrival

Barker’s recent revelations weren’t the first time the name “Rocky Barker” made rounds in the media:

  • In September, the couple’s Disneyland-themed baby shower inadvertently revealed clues about the baby’s name. A “Wishing Tree” allowed guests to leave messages, with one appearing to mention “Baby Rocky.”
  • Earlier in July, during a GOAT Talk interview with Complex, Barker had mentioned “Rocky 13” as a potential name, sparking further speculations.

The Couple’s Unique Relationship Journey

The couple’s relationship is nothing short of a fairy tale:

  • Barker, 47, and Kourtney Kardashian, 44, have been friends for over a decade. Their relationship took a romantic turn one movie night, fueled by a bit of tequila, leading to Kardashian making the first move.
  • The duo went public on Valentine’s Day 2021 and celebrated their union with an engagement in October 2021. By May 2022, they were married in a picturesque Italian setting.

Barker has been a recurring face on the Kardashians’ reality show, where audiences got insights into their relationship, including their proposal and fertility challenges. Their three weddings were intimate affairs, captured on iPhones without the intention of public broadcast.

Barker’s Perspective on Fame and Past

In an in-depth conversation with the Los Angeles Times, Barker shared his views on celebrity culture, emphasizing that neither he nor Kardashian identify with the typical “celebrity” tag. Highlighting their distinct approach, he mentioned, “She’s so different than her sisters.”

Past Attraction Rumors

Amidst the ongoing feud between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, sections from Barker’s 2016 memoir, “Can I Say,” resurfaced, discussing his past attraction to Kim Kardashian. Barker clarified that while he found Kim attractive back in 2006, nothing transpired between them. Addressing the rumors, he emphasized the therapeutic nature of sharing such details and expressed his frustration at baseless speculations.

A New Chapter Awaits

As the couple steps into this new chapter of parenthood, it’s evident that their bond is strengthened by the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced together. Their willingness to share snippets of their lives, from their romantic escapades to their fertility journey, showcases a modern love story that’s both real and relatable.

Navigating Parenthood in the Public Eye

Bringing a child into the world under the scrutinizing eye of the media is no small feat. While many celebrities choose to shield their children from the spotlight, Barker and Kardashian’s previous actions suggest they might take a more balanced approach. They’ve demonstrated a commitment to authenticity, which could mean their fans will get a glimpse of baby Rocky’s milestones while ensuring he grows up with a semblance of normalcy.


As Barker and Kardashian prepare to welcome baby Rocky, their open and unique approach to their relationship and impending parenthood continues to intrigue fans worldwide. Their story serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of love and life in the limelight.

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