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Unlocking the keys to better mental health and wellbeing with the Y Organization



The YMCA of Northeastern Pennsylvania including the Greater Scranton, Wyoming Valley Area (Wilkes-Barre Family and Greater Pittston), Carbondale, Wayne County and Freeland branches were recently awarded a sizable grant from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to support mental health services programming. This grant is part of the Wellbeing Initiative program which will be offered free of charge to members and non-members alike in order to promote substance use prevention as well as mental health services such as art therapy, music therapy, yoga, mindfulness/meditation stretching walking/running nutrition & cooking therapies.

The program director is Kevin Whelley who seeks to eliminate any barriers or stigmas that prevent people from addressing their mental health by helping them identify, develop & strengthen their individual capabilities. The Wellbeing Initiative program’s resource center provides physical activities such as running clubs and nutritional classes for those seeking a more physically active lifestyle; all with an expectation that up to 5K community members can benefit from this initiative in its first year alone. Additionally, the YMCA of Northeastern Pennsylvania has also organized events like guest speakers speaking on topics like trauma informed care and self-care techniques in addition to seminars focused on suicide prevention and overcoming anxiety. They’ve also established partnerships with local organizations so they can create additional social outlets apart from the traditional offerings. All these efforts have come together for the same purpose.

To provide licensed professionals’ counseling aide courses , workshops, yoga classes, education seminars and much more along with enhanced access to mental health activities all around Northeast PA which lead to improved quality of life for all involved . All this time promoting a healthier mindset among individuals to reduce any stigma associated with mental health issues while raising funds through their annual fundraisers. We are thrilled that these communities have been provided with these resources they need in order access quality hope care it’s indicative of how much hard work both Kevin Whelley and his team have put into making sure everyone has what they need combat whatever challenges that may arisem,. We are confident that these changes will continue make our world an even better place than it already is!

The YMCA of Northeastern Pennsylvania is dedicated to providing individuals and families with the support, resources and programs needed for living a healthy life. We commend their commitment to mental health services.

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