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Vermonters Can Enroll In Health Insurance Beginning Right Now During Open Enrollment 2023



Vermonters can begin enrolling in or making changes to existing health and dental insurance for 2023 on November 1. Vermonters now have access to less expensive health plans that include yearly checkups, preventive care, and mental health treatments, according to new legislation extending financial assistance through 2025.

If they are eligible and sign up for a health insurance plan through the health insurance marketplace, Vermonters can reduce the rates they pay for their coverage. Subsidies or federal tax credits are the financial aid that many Vermonters already use to purchase insurance with Vermont Health Connect. More Vermonters with access to workplace health insurance can now get financial assistance through the marketplace thanks to the federal government’s increased financial aid offerings this year.

According to Commissioner of the Department of Vermont Health Access Andrea De La Bruere, Vermont has one of the nation’s lowest rates of uninsured people. “At the Department, we fought hard for financial assistance so Vermonters could get and keep insurance through cheap, accessible health plans.”

More than 90% of those who enroll in health insurance through the marketplace are eligible for financial aid. Ten percent of subscribers pay just under $10 per month on their health insurance, and 25% pay less than $25. For the planned year 2023, a qualified person making $40,000 could purchase the cheapest Gold plan for $195 per month, saving them $699 per month due to federal subsidies. A four-member family with average earnings of $100,000 could be able to enroll in a similar plan for $721 per month, saving them $1,737 per month or even more than $20,000 annually.

“I was covered by Medicaid a few years ago. I stopped being eligible when I started making more money”, said Kay Greenwood of Bennington. “This year, I contacted an Assister, who assisted me in learning how much healthcare plans costs and what they cover. There were no stressors during the procedure, so I chose the best insurance and healthcare plan.”

In the past, people who have healthcare coverage through a family member’s employment were often barred from purchasing more affordable insurance through the marketplace. An adjustment is made for this year. More Vermonters who have expensive employer-sponsored insurance now qualify for subsidies. The adjustment might lower the cost and increase the accessibility of health insurance.

For members to be protected throughout 2023, it is best to enroll by December 15. People who enroll between December 16, 2022, and January 15, 2023, will start receiving coverage on February 1, 2023.

It is simple to register:

•    Become a member and tell us about your family by creating an account(link – ). Your eligibility for subsidies to lower the cost of a health plan will be assessed.

•    To assist you in selecting a plan that best suits your financial and medical needs, we’ve created an incredibly simple Plan Comparing Tool(link –  ) for 2023 health plans.

•    The Department of Vermont Health Access has trained and qualified experts known as assisters(link – ) to assist Vermonters in obtaining and maintaining health coverage. They can assist you with applications and provide inquiries. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and neighborhood-based organizations are just a few of the institutions that employ sisters.

•    Using this online calculator (link – ), find out whether employer-sponsored insurance is cheap or whether you qualify for financial aid from the market.

The Vermont Health Connect website is where individuals and families may look for and sign up for health insurance. Visit, call 1-855-899-9600 for customer support or speak with an Assister in person(link – ) near you for further information for Vermonters.

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