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Wellness Weekend Welcomes back WVU Medicine Health Expo



WVU Medicine is committed to keeping people healthy and active in communities throughout West Virginia. To further that mission, the organization will be hosting a Health Expo during the upcoming Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend. This exciting event promotes good health for both racers and those cheering them on.

The Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend is set to take place outside the WesBanco Arena. The event is designed to encourage individuals and families to engage in physical activity and spend time outdoors. Races, walks and wellness activities all take place during the event. The WVU Medicine Health Expo is an important complement to this experience, providing a space for visitors to learn about maintaining good health and wellness.

The Expo is dedicated to providing valuable resources that promote health and wellness. This year, the location of the event has been moved outside to increase the visibility of services and information. The Health Expo tent will offer many services, including medical tents, physical therapy, post-race massages and chair massages. Visitors can also expect to receive information on orthopedics, stroke and cardiac care, and women’s health.

Medical tents will have medical professionals on hand to help participants with any health concerns they have during the event. Physical therapy services will be offered for individuals who may be experiencing discomfort or pain throughout the races or wellness activities. Additionally, post-race massages and chair massages will be offered to help individuals relax and recover from the intense physical activity.

Visitors will be able to gain valuable information about orthopedics, stroke and cardiac care, and women’s health through the Health Expo. Orthopedic specialists will discuss ways to minimize the risk of injury and will share tips for supporting healthy joints, bones and muscles.

Stroke and cardiac care specialists will provide information on reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, recognizing the warning signs of these conditions and how to manage an emergency in case it comes up. Women’s health specialists will discuss ways to maintain optimal health and wellness, including information on breast health, prenatal care and menopause management.

The Health Expo is a valuable resource for individuals of all ages who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a seasoned runner preparing for a race or a beginner just starting out with a new wellness regimen, there is something for everyone. The dedication to keeping people healthy and active is at the core of WVU Medicine’s mission, and they are excited to be a part of the Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend to celebrate the beauty and importance of being active and engaged in our communities.

Overall, the Health Expo is a wonderful opportunity for people to learn about the best practices for maintaining good health and wellness, in addition to enjoying the Ogden Newspapers Wellness Weekend. The event aims to promote good health, well-being, and encourages communities to adopt healthy lifestyle choices so everyone can live life to the fullest.

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