YouTube Tests AI-Generated Video Summaries: A Comprehensive Look at the New Feature



YouTube is implementing a new experiment by running tests to auto-generate video summaries using AI. These auto-generated summaries will offer users a brief overview of a video without replacing the existing creator-written descriptions. As the world’s leading video-sharing platform, YouTube constantly updates its features to enhance user experience. This new functionality focuses on both creators and viewers, but it has drawn mixed reactions. Here’s a comprehensive look at the new AI-generated video summaries feature.

Feature Overview

  • Availability: As per YouTube’s support page, the AI-generated summaries are currently being tested in English, and only a limited number of viewers and videos will have access.
  • Appearance: These summaries will be displayed on YouTube’s watch and search pages. However, no visual examples have been provided, and it remains unclear how they will be differentiated from user-created summaries.
  • Participation: Users may sign up to participate in this experiment on YouTube’s new features page, with some tests potentially requiring a YouTube Premium subscription.
  • Purpose: The AI summaries aim to give users a quick overview of a video to decide if it’s the right fit for them, without replacing the original video descriptions written by creators.

Existing AI Summarizers and Creator Concerns

While AI-powered YouTube video summarizers tools like,, and Scrivvy already exist, they have received criticism from creators for failing to summarize longer videos effectively. A Reddit user commented that served “zero purposes” for summarizing their longer videos, merely copying the first lines from the description.

YouTube’s Growing AI Initiatives

Google’s latest experiment with YouTube aligns with other recent AI-driven initiatives such as AI-generated quizzes for educational videos, AI-powered dubbing tools, AI-assisted note-taking apps, and AI-generated backgrounds for Google Meet calls. This test further shows Google’s push to integrate AI in various products and features, including efforts like using generative AI to summarize app user reviews in the Play Store and launching new AI tools for its Workspace productivity apps.

Impact on Creators and Future Possibilities

It’s still early to gauge how AI-generated summaries might impact YouTube creators or affect the video summarization process. However, the change could potentially lead to new ways of structuring videos and interacting with YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. The wider rollout of this feature could also bring unforeseen changes to the content ecosystem of the platform, as creators strive to adapt to both human viewers and Google’s AI technology.

Availability and Accessibility

The AI-generated video summaries started rolling out on Monday and should begin appearing to eligible users. For those interested in trying out the under-testing additions, they can head over to and sign in with their Google account. While access to all experimental inclusions is not guaranteed, enrolled users will have the opportunity to take some of them for a spin.

Other Recent YouTube Features

Besides AI-generated video summaries, YouTube has also been working on other experimental features. One example is the ability for Premium users to lock the screen during media playback to avoid accidental screen taps. Furthermore, YouTube has been testing the capability to turn a YouTube Shorts comment into another Short, showcasing continuous innovation.


As YouTube continues to push on with its ever-evolving technology, the testing of AI-generated video summaries marks an intriguing step. While only time will tell how well the newest experiment performs, it undoubtedly adds to the ongoing discussion about the integration of AI in media and content delivery. With opportunities for users to participate in testing, it offers a glimpse into the future of a more personalized and intelligent user experience on YouTube.

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